WES EMPIRE is an ICT solutions company offering, web design & hosting, programming, networking & cloud solutions services to individuals, SMEs, learning institutions and corporations. Comprising of highly competent human resource base with broad professional experience in ICT, Wes commits to the best solutions offering unforgettable customer experience.

As a web design firm we offer top-notch interactive & responsive sites with best information architecture, content & We engage in apt SEO research to design web applications that are intuitive and effortless hence giving the best User Experience (UX).

What we offer

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As a web design firm we engage in creative architecture of developing and maintaining websites.

At Wes, we offer unparalleled web solutions in-line with customer needs while maintaining competence and professionalism.


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We create user friendly and interactive web applications.

We create user friendly and interactive web applications, programs
& other digital solutions. We deliver these reliable services within the
set timeliness while ensuring quality & achieving optimal results. Our
team is also knowledgeable in application domain, specialized
algorithms & software engineering.


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Cloud computing is the modern reality in business interactions.

Cloud computing is the modern reality in business interactions. Apart from saving on on-site costs, cloud solutions enhance collaboration between businesses while ensuring data security. At Wes Empire we offer a broad set of cloud solutions Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) that help lower your IT costs and reduce complexity of buying and maintaining the hardware. Our solutions ensure that no data is lost if your computer breaks, as data is stored in the cloud.


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How do you want people to find your website in the vast Internet space?

Definitely through properly customized SEO. At Wes we help you write customized web copies and build sites that are appropriately indexed for search engines. Our SEO experts guarantee that your website is found by your target users without much hustle.


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As networking specialists we commit to ensuring the following:

  • Scaling-up hardware and software through routers
  • Effective interaction between users
  • Privacy protection and security through firewalls & antivirus software
  • Seamless connection to mobile devices


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