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    HR & Payroll System

    KShs70,000.00 KShs65,000.00

    Our Human Resource and payroll system is advanced, simple to use and very effective. The system is cloud based hence it run on any web enabled device.

    The System has the following changes:

    1. Manage employees data
    2. manage payments
    3. manage deductions and tax
    4. manage allowances
    5. Share files and discuss within the system
    6. Employee request for leave and admin approval
    7. Payslip generation for individual employees
    8. generate company payroll
    9. generate and manage employee reports
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    School management System

    KShs80,000.00 KShs70,000.00

    Our integrated Smart school management system is a cloud based system that is meant to make work easy in schools, the system keeps track of students through out the entire school life and their performance.

    The system is user friendly and simple to use.

    features of the system include:

    • Exam analysis and report form generating
    • Fees management
    • Assignment posting for students
    • Parents/Students login to access/ view report forms and assignment
    • Marks entry from any where with any web enabled device 
    • Dynamic i.e. suitable for any school environment and report form only captures subjects that a student does. 
    • Notifications so as not to miss any school term dates or events and many other features
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    Stock & Inventory System

    KShs70,000.00 KShs65,000.00

    Stock & Inventory System is a web application to manage your stock. The System is flexible and is suitable for any sort of business and organization.
    The system allows you to check your stock from anywhere with an appealing graphical data representation of stock remaining.
    You can also request for products within the system and prepare order list. Have all your supplier details in one place for easy access.