Downloading YouTube playlist

Downloading YouTube playlist

Have you ever wanted to download YouTube playlist from your favorite channel and you didn’t know how to do it?
Worry no more today ill show you a good and easy way to of Downloading YouTube playlist.

It’s good to however note that there are many software’s that can help you do this best examples being YTD(YouTube Downloader), WinX YouTube Downloader just to mention a few and also there are other online websites that help you to also do the same.

The method that am going to show you involve the use of an online website and i love the method as i find it to be effective and fast as the playlist will be downloaded as a zip file and with the use of your favorite download manager like IDM.
The ability to let you download the videos using a download manager is an added advantage as the download managers guarantee good download speeds and also support resume, note also that this is a free service that can allow you download as many playlists as you want. 

Who doesn’t like to save a few coins.

Having said this we can jump in and learn how to download youtube playlists.

  1. Visit https://ddownr.com/ on a browser 
ddownr main page
  1. Copy the playlist URL you want to download from YouTube.
  2. Paste the URL on the field
  3. Click the download drop down menu and select the download type and quality you want. On doing this the browser will open a new page and try to fetch the playlist data, when data is fetched the download will start automatically if it doesn’t start click on the download button to start the download.
ddownr download page

Note the download will be a zip file named ddownr.zip

IDM downloading playlist

I know there are other methods to download YouTube playlist but i find this the best one, note that this is just my opinion and it may be different from other people.
Try it out and let me know the experience and if you have another better option kindly share with us on the comments section.

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