BlueWater Wells Ltd

Details about the project

We had the privilege of working with BlueWater Wells Ltd, a private company established in 2012, on the development of their website. The website was designed to effectively communicate their mission and services to a broad audience, offering essential features to enhance user experience and accessibility.

Key Features:

  1. Home Page: Our team created an engaging and informative home page that provides a clear overview of BlueWater Wells Ltd's mission, values, and services. Visitors are greeted with a compelling introduction to the company's commitment to sustainable water solutions and green energy.
  2. Contact Page with Google Maps Integration: We integrated a user-friendly contact page, making it easy for visitors to reach out to BlueWater Wells Ltd. The inclusion of Google Maps ensures that potential clients can quickly locate the company's physical address for in-person inquiries.
  3. WhatsApp Chat Integration: To facilitate immediate and direct communication, we integrated a WhatsApp chat feature. Visitors can easily initiate conversations, ask questions, and receive timely responses from the BlueWater Wells Ltd team.
  4. Service Pages: We designed dedicated service pages that comprehensively detail the water and energy solutions offered by BlueWater Wells Ltd. These pages showcase the range of services available to private individuals, commercial clients, NGOs, and government bodies.
  5. About Page: The 'About' page provides insight into the company's background, mission, and values. It introduces the team behind BlueWater Wells Ltd, fostering trust and confidence among potential clients.
  6. Responsive Design: Our team ensured a fully responsive website, guaranteeing an optimal user experience across various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. No matter how visitors access the site, they can easily navigate and find the information they need.

The website we developed for BlueWater Wells Ltd effectively represents their commitment to offering sustainable water and energy solutions to the Kenyan community. With an engaging home page, contact features, detailed service pages, and responsive design, the website offers a user-friendly experience and showcases their dedication to mission-driven work.

    Project information


    BlueWater Wells Ltd


    Web Design, SEO


    Ksh 35,000