Code Yangu

Details about the project

  1. Home Page: We designed a captivating home page that serves as a welcoming gateway to the world of coding for young minds. It introduces visitors to the mission and vision of Code Yangu, highlighting the importance of coding education for the next generation.
  2. Modules Page: The 'Modules' page is a central hub for all coding courses and activities. It offers an organized and detailed overview of the coding modules available, helping students and parents make informed decisions about their learning paths.
  3. Registration Page: To facilitate easy enrollment, we integrated a user-friendly registration page. Parents can easily register their children for coding courses, with a seamless and secure process that ensures data privacy.
  4. Contact Page: Our team created a 'Contact' page to establish a direct line of communication between Code Yangu and interested parties. It includes contact details, a message submission form, and a map for easy location identification.
  5. About Page: The 'About' page provides insight into Code Yangu's history, goals, and the team behind the platform. It's an opportunity for parents and students to get to know the organization and its commitment to enhancing coding education.
  6. Blog Page: To keep the community informed and engaged, we integrated a 'Blog' page. This section offers informative articles, updates, and resources related to coding, education, and technology for young learners.
  7. Responsive Design: The Code Yangu website is built with a fully responsive design, ensuring that users have an optimal experience, regardless of the device they use. The website adapts seamlessly to desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  8. SEO Optimization: We implemented robust SEO practices to improve the website's visibility on search engines. This ensures that Code Yangu reaches a wider audience, helping more young learners access valuable coding education.

The Code Yangu website project exemplifies a commitment to providing quality coding education to the youth. With its informative pages, registration capabilities, engaging blog, and a design that adapts to all devices, the platform offers a valuable educational resource. The incorporation of SEO practices further promotes the platform's mission to empower young minds with coding skills and reach a broader audience.

Project information


Code Yangu


Web Design, SEO


Ksh 55,000