YouTube Premium in Kenya

YouTube Premium in Kenya

YouTube Premium, a game-changer in the streaming landscape, has recently launched in Kenya, bringing a premium viewing experience to users. With a monthly fee of Ksh500 for individuals and Ksh949 for a family, subscribers gain access to an array of exclusive features designed to enrich their content consumption.

New Insights from the Launch

During the launch event, YouTube unveiled exciting features that further enhance the premium experience for Kenyan users. Some of the notable additions include:

1. Smart Search for Discovering Songs

Subscribers can now leverage the ‘Smart Search’ feature, enabling them to discover songs even with partial lyrics. This innovative search functionality adds a new dimension to music exploration, making it easier for users to find their favorite tunes.

2. Activity Bar for Quick Navigation

The introduction of the ‘Activity Bar’ facilitates quick navigation to playlists and personalized mixes. This feature streamlines the user experience, allowing subscribers to seamlessly explore and enjoy their curated content.

3. Explore Tab for New and Popular Music

With the new ‘Explore Tab,’ users can stay updated on the latest and most popular music. This curated section serves as a gateway

to discovering fresh content, ensuring that subscribers are always in the loop when it comes to trending songs and artists.

4. Related Tab for a Curated Music Experience

The ‘Related Tab’ adds a personalized touch to the music experience. Based on the current listening choice, subscribers receive curated recommendations, creating a dynamic and engaging playlist tailored to their preferences.

5. Song Lyrics for an Interactive Element

Enhancing the interactive aspect, YouTube Premium now provides ‘Song Lyrics’ synchronized with the music. This immersive feature allows users to follow along with the lyrics, adding a new layer of engagement to their music listening sessions.

YouTube Premium Pricing Plans in Kenya

To access these exclusive features, individuals can subscribe to YouTube Premium for a monthly fee of Ksh500. For families looking to share the premium experience, a family plan is available at Ksh949 per month. These pricing plans make YouTube Premium an affordable and feature-rich option for users in Kenya.

How YouTube Premium Stands Out

In the competitive landscape of streaming services, YouTube Premium distinguishes itself by offering an ad-free environment, offline viewing, exclusive content, and now, innovative features like Smart Search and Song Lyrics. The platform’s commitment to enhancing the user experience positions it as a compelling choice for Kenyan users seeking more than just standard streaming.


In conclusion, the launch of YouTube Premium in Kenya has brought forth a host of exclusive features that elevate the streaming experience for subscribers. From Smart Search to Song Lyrics, these additions showcase YouTube’s commitment to providing more than just a platform for video consumption. With competitive pricing plans and a growing array of features, YouTube Premium is poised to carve a significant niche in the Kenyan streaming market.


  1. How much does YouTube Premium cost in Kenya?
    • YouTube Premium is available at a monthly fee of Ksh500 for individuals and Ksh949 for a family.
  2. What exclusive features were introduced during the launch in Kenya?
    • New features include Smart Search, Activity Bar, Explore Tab, Related Tab, and Song Lyrics, enhancing the overall premium experience.
  3. What advantages do subscribers have with the Smart Search feature?
    • Smart Search allows users to discover songs even with partial lyrics, adding a new dimension to music exploration.

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